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The computerized Synastry Report, Lover's Reading is the perfect tool to gain a deeper understanding of your relationship. Our report compares the charts of you and your partner to provide insight into how your planetary aspects affect each other. With an in-depth analysis of your relationship, you'll gain clarity on how to work with your partner and overcome any difficulties. Get ready to take your relationship to the next level with our Synastry Report.


DATE OF BIRTH, TIME, & LOCATION OF BIRTH Are Needed for all astrology reports.

What You Get:

- Combined Birth Chart Wheel 

- 15+ pages detailed report


Astrology Type: Placidus


THIS PDF IS EMAILED TO YOU WITHIN 48hrs of Purchase (excluding holidays)! Please provide me  your email address and all the correct birth information. If you encounter any issues email me at


Synastry Report, Lover's Reading


    *On occasion the birth information is sent in not accurate and the chart will need to be re-done. There will be a small fee of  $5.00 to re-issue the correct report.

    The "re-issue” fee will need to be sent to paypal at:

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