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Reiki, Quantum Energy Work

 what is that?

All things are energy, we are energy. So when we focus upon nourishing ourselves with pure life loving energy we create an environment for miracles, radical shifts, and spiritual evolution. 


Usui Reiki is Sabrina's foundation for all her Energy Work Sessions. No matter where you are located in the world, She can send you healing energy. Reiki and Universal Life Force Energy is not bound by space and time, it is limitless. The only limitations are the ones found in the mind. Sabrina's favourite saying from Reiki Training is, "In the Province Of The Mind There Are No Limitations."

When she took the Oath of Reiki Master in 2010, it became her duty to shift beyond the limitations in the mind; to extend her energy beyond the constraints of the body. She developed her psychic abilities to connect with anyone in the world when consent is given, in a safe and loving frequency.


The Reiki Master title is a path, not a destination. Once you receive the attunements your journey begins and it is up to the individual to find their truth and their way. When you are booking yourself energy work sessions, always listen to your intuition and pick a practitioner that resonates with you. 

what they're saying

My Reiki session with Sabrina was very powerful. She holds the most beautiful space. During our session I felt a part of myself return and felt huge shifts in the days and weeks after. A session with Sabrina is not something you will soon forget. You feel so completely held. She knows exactly what you need and she's so connected to her intuition that the session flows so beautifully. Unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Online Session - Danielle Onedia, USA


Energy Work

Usui Reiki is the foundation and the session is built from there according to your needs. Sabrina will meet you as you are. Energy healing is a process and a very rewarding one at that. As a facilitator it is her intention to always serve your highest potential and the highest light of all. 


These sessions are great for awakening your self healing abilities, balancing and harmonizing the whole body. Energy cleansing and easing physical discomfort.  They are also very helpful for relieving stress, finding more peace, stabilizing and strengthening your source connection, and so much more.

Suitable for all ages.


  • tailored specifically to you

  • can be done in person, virtually, or remotely

  • packages and subsequent sessions are available at a reduced cost

  • parent and child(ren)/sibling sessions are available

  • hospital visits upon request

INITIAL FEE: $125/hour

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