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What They Said

check out some reviews covering all of Sabrina’s services; from meditations, to energy work, to quantum soul guidance sessions.

Blue Skies

Energy Work Session
"I got a gift certificate as a birthday gift and wow what a lovely treat!! Sabrina is so sweet and loving she makes you feel so welcome and at home! Her skills are amazing and truly a gift. I feel lighter if that makes sense? Something you’d have to see for yourself! I highly recommend trying her healing capabilities out for yourself as I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Sabrina again for sure will be booking again <3."

- Destiny Brooks Ontario, Canada


"Wonderful meditation. I loved the energy clearing and the soundtrack is so rhythmic. Powerful work, thank you for sharing ☀️🙏💛"

- Jodi Bristol, United Kingdom


"It helped me feel present right here and right now. Thank you 🦋"

- Victoria Ohana Bahia, Brazil

Child's Healing Report

"I have read your emails several times since you sent and each time new things kind of jump out at me. 


First, I have to thank you for taking the time and energy to do this for us – it is a tool we will most definitely be putting to use in our home and with our family in trying to ensure that each of our little ones are getting what they need in ways we might not have otherwise known that they needed.


The level of insight you were able to provide on my boys, without even knowing them, is truly so spectacular and awe inspiring. We were mind blown. Your readings seemed to pickup on so many different aspects of their personalities (things I’ve always known about them, challenges we have had/are having with them currently, and some things that I have also wondered about in passing). Additionally, the fact that you are able to provide some clarity/direction on these things will truly assist with our guidance of them as they continue to grow and develop.

Thank you for doing these readings.  I truly appreciate all the work that you do."

  - Alyssa Ontario, Canada


Quantum Soul Guidance Galactic Astrology

"I just wanted to say how grateful I feel for knowing you and your astrology knowledge.  I have always wanted to have someone deep dive into my chart because I never understood the depth of it.  You opened up so much knowledge for me. It's like I knew everything you said already, but it brought it home to me.  It was like the last piece of the puzzle - and it also confirmed so many messages I had over the years.  Not only do I feel more confident and grounded with the info you have given me, but I am softer on myself.  The struggles I have been faced with over my life were meant to happen, for the lessons and purpose that I am here for.  I am so grateful that I have grown from these "struggles", which I now look at as necessary and predetermined in my life and I believe I'm finally on the path of self love - which has been the hardest for me.  Now I am so proud of myself for what I have overcome, I feel my own strength, and I have a clearer vision of my future with feeling so much more grounded, and  more love in my heart, toward me and everyone around me.  It's hard to put into words, but it gave me more clarity of my past, present, and future.  I've never had a loving mother in my life - but with the knowledge you gave me and where I came from and who I am connected to - I can tap into the love easier from the Arch Angels and other guides around me.  It's there and it's strong, and I'm very grateful I have a stronger connection now and I know what I have to do and how to live the rest of my time here.  My mission is clearer, which makes life so much easier.  


Thank you so much.  I will be listening over and over to your beautiful voice messages."

  - Kelly White Ontario, Canada

Pink Clouds

Meditations and Group Healings

"I have experienced online healing sessions with Sabrina initially through insight timer then online healings and meditations with others in a group session held by Sabrina. Sabrina’s voice is beautiful & soothing and her healing gifts are felt large and wide. I always feel safe, connected and leave the sessions feeling so peaceful and calm. Thank you Sabrina xx"

- Sue Australia

Quantum Soul Guidance Galactic Astrology

"I recently had the pleasure of having Sabrina Savoy read both my Natal and Galactic charts. Her delivery of the information was clear, concise and flowed in a way that allowed me to understand more about my purpose in this lifetime. The information she presented me, validated my past experiences and put my soul at ease for my future. She was able to explain things about my life that I have never said aloud in such a simple way that made me feel so seen. Her passion and curiosity was evident throughout the reading, aided by the visuals and fun facts she included. I am grateful for the journal prompts and affirmations as a guide point to continue my journey. Thank you Sabrina for the soul soothing reading, positivity shines through and makes me feel so hopeful for what the future brings. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Carol Herzog  Ontario, Canada


"Beautifully cleansing, thank you"

- Diana N  Singapore

Blue Skies

In Person Energy Healing

"I could not be more impressed with Sabrina and her healing abilities. Her space is inviting and she offers a sense of calm and openness I have not experienced before. Prior to my sessions with Sabrina my energy was tense, all over the place and my anxiety was getting the best of me. After 2 sessions I feel so open, calm & free. I feel much lighter and positive. She was able to help me release things I didn’t even know needed to be released.I highly recommend Sabrina Savoy. My sessions with her have been instrumental in all aspects of my life. I’m so happy to have found her and am very excited to continue this journey with her. Everyone needs a little Sabrina Savoy in their life ❤️."

- Maria Minatel Ontario, Canada

In Person Energy Healing

"Wow!! Sabrina is incredible and beautifully talented! I was taken back and had such an awakening moment with her session!! I’ve been battling depression and anxiety for years and she was able to open my soul & heart and find what was my missing piece to happiness and healing. She’s truly amazing at what she does and I can’t thank you enough! Highly recommend!! Love you! Godbless!"

- Natalie Trotta  Ontario, Canada

Distance Energy Healing

"Sabrina is truly gifted... she has brought light to my darkness more times than I can count. She shows up at the most unexpected moments and when I need it the most... because her work goes so far beyond whatever it is she is doing in the immediate and she holds such deep space for her soul tribe. I am so grateful to have her in my life and in my corner on this crazy journey. Thank you for your support, your encouragement, your presence, your love.."

- Trish Keatings  Peru

Distance Energy Healing

"Hi.. I had my first reiki session with Sabrina today and I must say she is fabulous. She made me feel so comfortable and was so easy to talk to. I was able to learn new things about myself and what I can do to release built up energy that no longer serves me. I highly recommend her if you are interested in learning more about this. I look forward to our next session."

- Kimmie H Ontario, Canada

Distance Energy Healing

"My Reiki session with Sabrina was very powerful. She holds the most beautiful space and calling in the Archangels always makes me feel cleansed and super content. During our session I felt a part of myself return and felt huge shifts in the days and weeks after. A session with Sabrina is not something you will soon forget. You feel so completely held. She knows exactly what you need and she's so connected to her intuition that the session flows so beautifully. Unlike anything I've ever experienced."

- Daniela Oneida Utah, USA


"My session with Sabrina offered me deeper understandings of who I am at a cosmic/galactic level. She defined subtle personality aspects that resonated so deeply with my life experience and way of being. It is both reassuring and soul affirming to be witnessed at such a profound level. I have explored my astrology for a decade now, but this was my first experience of learning galactic astrology. The PDF she provided offered thorough explanations and links to do more exploration on my own. The recording offers me a way to listen to the session again, as my understanding and knowledge of galactic astrology broadens. I was offered both the positive reinforcement of being “on the path” and quiet acknowledgement that I am living my truth, after a decade of major change. Thank you! 


Thank you, it was truly a pleasure to listen to the session again and soak it in. 

- Ingrid Utah, USA

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