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The moon in which you were born under holds so many secrets to your Souls Yearnings.

Do you feel the need for clarity and guidance on what is true for you on a Soul level? Do you want to get in touch with your Souls greatest's callings, your emotions, what makes you tick, and start taking steps to align with them? I like to dive deep into the Moons waters and shine light on all those subconscious waves creating a pathway for you to explore.


What’s included:

- Soul Colour(s) and meaning

- Moon phase and sign at birth and their meanings

- Star nations aligned with your Moon

- How to connect with those star systems for extra support

- Your Black Moon Lilith placement and any themes/lessons


I will need your email, full birth details including Date, Time, Location and Current Location if Different, along with your Full Legal Name.


Astrology Type: Placidus

PLEASE NOTE: Currently Turnaround time is 5 weeks from Date of Purchase.

Moon & Black Moon Lilith Report

  • Upon Booking a Galactic Astrology, Quantum Soul Guidance Reading, You Agree and are ou Agree and are aware that the turn around time is subject to change, currently 5 weeks.

    Once payment is received for your service, I will email you to set up a Live Zoom Call Date if that is what you chose as your Delivery method.  If you ordered a PDF or Audio File Delivery, I will email you to notify you that I received your information and will begin preparing your amazing report.

    To Reschedule a live meeting  or ask any further questions contact

    You have read and agreed to the FAQS page:

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