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August Super Full Moon, Galactic Astrology

Galactic Astrology Alignments and this August 1st Super Full Moon is illuminating what is rebelling inside of us.

What is caged and wants to be let out?

What are you covering up with over confidence instead of pausing for stillness to get your real truth out?

The Sun is in Leo and Leo always wants To Show us something. The Moon is in Aquarius and Aquarius is always ready To Rebel.

So now that the sun and moon are opposing each other and the moon is closer to the Earth creating a Super Moon, which will shine 4x brighter than usual, paired with the Moons Conjunction to Altair, and Trine with the Super Galactic Centre, We are getting the opportunity for PROFOUND INSIGHT into our Human Emotions and Behaviour.

If you are feeling uncomfortable right now it's because you're supposed to. There is a churning within you that is getting stirred with these alignments, and at every turn your psyche is revealing the behaviour and emotion that has caged you or limited you.

Galactic Astrology for the August 1st Super Full Moon
August Super Full Moon Astrology

Now what we learn from Aquila is how to take flight, it is the Eagle constellation after all. This eagle lends us the assistance to transform our resistance to unhealthy patterns so we can create those rewarding emotional responses and behaviours that help us soar forward. The energy coming in to assist us right now is HUGE and it's best to hop on board with this influx of energy and allow your highest self to lend its guidance to you.

Tying It Together:

The Sun in Leo is showing us by Shining Light onto what the Moon in Aquarius is Rebelling against. The moon is our deepest soul yearnings. Aquarius is blowing to the surface all those false behaviours and emotions we have hidden behind. It's had enough falseness and wants to be free of them. Aquarius and Leo want you to accept your emotions and behaviours, to be proud of who you truly are. Once you surrender to the rebelling, the subtle waves incoming from Altair help you recognize your resistance quite rapidly. This beautiful opposition is making magick within us, and the Galactic Centre Trine is ushering this in as a real possibility. There is also a square to the Shapley Attractor which suggests that this can be difficult for some of us to shift, but Altair is saying, "I will show you the truth." So with your new found awareness you will begin shedding those unwanted emotional and behavioural patterns. Whats a little bit of challenge when the grande picture is Restoration Of Our Purity and Sovereignty?

We are here to assist with the Ascension on Earth, we came here to transform false programs, believes, behaviours, emotions, and more. So remember this when it gets uncomfortable. Trust in our higher plan, that we are safe, sovereign, and free.

I am loving you source fam. ~33 22 321~


- I Am Ready to Embody My Truth

- I Overcome The Resistance To Change

- Life Is For Me

- I Am The Empowered Action of Light

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With Infinite Love,

Sabrina Savoy


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