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Connecting with ANDROMEDA

The Andromeda Constellation and Galaxy has been an attraction point for me for quite sometime now. It wasn't until I started my journey on the Quantum Soul Guidance practitioner training, that I discovered I have many Soul connections to Andromeda. Being able to match this connection with the feelings I have had some years ago all makes sense to me now.

Today is April 19th 2023. We have a new moon in Aries at 29 degrees paired with a Annular "hybrid" Solar Eclipse, this is kicking off the "new year" and eclipse season. What I found fascinating is that the ANDROMEDA CONSTELLATION is conjuncting in so many places right now during such a powerful time. I strongly feel the Andromeda beings are available to support us right now as we are transitioning to such interesting times. To learn to clear ourselves of our own limitations. Below are the charts I made to show you the alignments for April 18 - April 23 2023

Here is how I like to connect with Andromeda.

First I feel it's important to have a visual of the star constellation, so you know what you are connecting with. Plus, this constellation actually exists in the sky so there is no reason to believe it's not there.

The only thing that may be new to you is being curious enough to ask yourself, if other life forms exist on other planets, constellations, and galaxies. Clearly, I am of the thought that they do. I study it and actually make attempts to connect with it.

Every time I set the intention to connect with Andromedan energy I see and feel the colour BLUE, very much like the image above. My whole life I have been seeing this colour blue in randomly appearing orbs. Now that I am discovering my galactic connections, I like to think it's the Andromedan energy visiting me.

Relax, get comfortable and be in nature if you can. Andromedans have a HUGE love of nature and honour the natural rhythms and cycles.

Allow yourself to breath in while calling in the BLUE LIVING LIGHT Frequency of Andromeda. As you Exhale gift Andromeda with that breath. This creates a balance of Giving and Receiving. Creating a circuit of energy, continuously flowing between You and Andromeda.

Andromedan beings vary in appearance and size but what they all have in common is living in Peace Unity Consciousness. They honour freedoms and will not tolerate manipulation and unfairness. This causes friction in their gentle nature and high intelligence. They are natural healers and are coming in to help us eradicate our 3rd dimensional blocks, especially the ones that interfere with our emotional boundaries. They want you to feel the Freedom of Liberation so when you call them in surrender your emotional burdens and ask them to clear you of the limiting blocks you are experiencing so you can access more inner freedom.

The Andromedans are giving you a gift, so greet them with the respect and humility they deserve. This is not something to take for granted.

They will provide you with the courage to Build Back Your Self Esteem & Find Solutions so you can experience that inner liberation from your blocks. They also help us balance our polar opposite energy: like yin/yang, male/female, in our body and energetic system.

Andromedans can help us restore our sense of Peace, Quicken our ability to know when someone/something is trying to manipulate/take advantage of us, as well as usher in a new sense of self love, inner freedom, and confidence.

I absolutely love working with the Andromedan energy and am so honoured and grateful to share this gift with you. Thank you Andromeda Star Beings for assisting us, and thank you to those of you that are willing to take responsible action in your life for the betterment of all.

For all our relations.

I Am Loving You Earth Fam.

~ 33 22 321 ~ Love Rules The World

If you would like to hear and see parts of this article, check out this YouTube video

With Infinite Love, Sabrina Savoy


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