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What Do We All Have In Common?

We all have in common this place that cushions our fall, that houses our homes, and grows our food. THIS IS EARTH. The Earth is what we all have in Common and it is a sacred duty of mine to honour this home and the majestic beings that live here.

Thank you to Wendell Berry for the inspirational quote and earth love. This little sentence moved me to make this video and pair it with the healing frequencies of 528 hz.

Sending Love to Mother Earth and Calling in Our Soul Family with this 528hz D toned music. D note resonates most with the Throat Chakra, "I Speak/I Communicate"

My intention behind this track is to communicate with the DIVINE SOURCE of NATURE that is in YOU and all around this magical planet. Emitting Out Love to all Beings and calling in the ones who truly resonate.

Whenever you come across this video, I hope you can pause and connect to the pulsating in your chest and within the Earth. With every beat, feel divine love rippling out to all creatures of this earth and beyond.

May you breathe deeply, and allow yourself to receive the healing of the white and pink orchid that inspired this music.

We all have this Earth in Common, Loving You Earth Fam ~ 33 22 321 ~ Love Heals All ~

With Infinite Love,

Sabrina Savoy

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