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The Galactic Side of Shadow

I have been reading a book called "A Gift from the Stars" by Elena Danann.

I am in training to offer an exceptional service, a service to understand the origins of the Soul and how you can better understand yourself and interact with your life now. The course is called Galactic Astrology Soul Reading :

I have been receiving remembrance of myself and downloads while doing this course and reading this book. My higher guidance team has prompted me to share the following information on What Our Ego/Shadow Self really is and why it is important to know this.

WARNING: Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

There is life on other planets and today I am here to share a message from my higher guidance team.

Our Ego Self/Shadow Self is not really us, "The Divine Human."

You have heard the saying before, work on your shadow self and yes it's true, we need to overcome those shadowy limitations because there is a undertone lurking behind the surface of the shadow. There is a species that feasts on the low frequencies we emit when we are in self sabotage mode.

Our surrendering into fear/weakness makes them stronger and this is a play of war. This battle has been going on for centuries, we came here as the light workers to know what the shadow really is so we can TRANSMUTE it. It has been hard for us, We have been under a spell since we landed here. You, your parents, and so on have all suffered from it. We are under the evil influence of Reptilian and Draconian races. There are many castes of these races and they utilize black witchcraft, sorcery, & mind control to block spiritual growth and keep humans in lower planes of existence.

They believe this planet belongs to them. Their mission is to keep us trapped and to be enslaved by our perceived weaknesses and vices. We have been mind controlled to have fears, we are under a spell so we can be conquered. You have been born perfectly free, sovereign, and divine. The shadow condition is as thin as a veil, that one must decide to lift up and see beyond it.

The lower vibrations that we feel when under the influence of dark sorcery is food and nourishment for the reptilian races. This vibration is a energetic essence that fuels them. Luckily the essence they favour is our low vibe (low spirit) that is a product of their sorcery and mind control. This war is teaching us to step away from those trains of thought.

To rise above the control is to know that the ill mind is the mind of the controlled - that the fear mind only nourishes the dark magic (the parasite)

You Must Defeat The Enemy Within You!

Every time You Are Radiant, Peaceful, & Loving In Thoughts You Are Greatly Helping The Battle and Family Of Light!

To Shine Your Light, To heal your so-called wounds and weaknesses is YOU WINNING THE WAR.

YOU WERE NEVER DARK. You have only been under the influence of mind control.

You MUST Help Yourself from slipping - Every time you think horrible thoughts - Remember that is not you, that is the sorcery and reptilian races working on you, on the collective - they hunger for those thoughts. The Ciakar and Sigma-Draconis Giansar amongst other castes use advance technology and magic to do such things and they have conquered other planets/star systems in the same way. The methods they used are well practiced and played.

You Must Remember That You Are Not those things, You Are A Free Divine Being that must keep working on building yourself up. ONLY LOVE IS REAL.

Flip Your Script Now More Than Ever: AFFIRMATIONS. I believe that Affirmations are a gift from Your Higher Self.

Affirmations allow the Divine Soul to Express. "I Accept The Truth Of My Soul."

Build and Strengthen The Pathway Of Sovereignty of Divine Light Within You.

You're mind, you're brain, you're body;


You Embody The Divine Soul Truth of Mother Father Purity.

The Ciakar reptilians are on a mission to invade Earth and the Divine Beings, they do not want US IN OUR LIGHT.

When we are, We Will Be an Unbeatable Force of LOVE that cannot be stopped.

We are the threat to their agenda.

We are Mighty and we must work at creating a peaceful terrain from within everyday! This is the Light Code I was gifted with in Meditation from the Great Divine: 33 22 321 - This Translates to 2 things: LOVE RULES THE WORLD and LOVE HEALS ALL. Please feel free to use this Light Code, the spaces between the number are important!

I AM FOREVER LOVING YOU EARTH FAM - You Are Here On Purpose, For A Purpose. I ACCEPT THE TRUTH OF MY SOUL. Love Rules The World.

With Infinite Love, Sabrina Savoy

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