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Sweet November: REMEMBRANCE

Sweet November

Oh the Spirits are communicating consistently can you hear them? Or is your body buzzing with information that is asking you to de-code? Maybe this is all new and you don't even know where to begin... Well, I am writing today to give you some tips on how to stay rooted when the wind blows strong and when you start questioning yourself. First and foremost, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. October brought in a massive month of AWAKENING energy and now here you are, a little more aware and awake within yourself. Some of your relationships may have shifted because of this, your career and jobs may feel a little differently, and you now have a heightened inner dialogue to communicate with. No matter how subtle or intense, a shift has occurred. My divine guidance has always been very clear and simple with me since day 1. Divine says, "If it's overly complicated it's not divine spirit" So if you feel like you are receiving messages from the Great Divine Spirits know that they will never try to confuse you or make choices that will harm another. If you are receiving messages that are overly complicated with lot's of steps to take and ask you to deceive or hurt others, that is Not Divine Spirit. You have an entity attachment and that will need to be cleared RIGHT AWAY! email me: One other bit of information Divine Spirit has given me time and time again is this: "My voice is often the softest one" I always imagined/wanted that spirit voice to be loud and assertive all the time, but its not. However, it can be when your safety is involved so heed the warning. The trick is to learn to PAY ATTENTION to the subtle signs, the softness. Divine Spirit works with the laws of the Universe so they cannot force you, everything is based on your free will/free thinking. They cannot interfere with your life, as it is YOUR JOURNEY, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY so the voice will most often be presented in a smooth, calm, quiet, and steady tone.

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