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Spiralling Time

Experiencing Spiral Time 🌀~ part of ascension ~

Many of us have integrated the shadowing layers of darkness that kept time linear. Our lights have digested these dark frequencies, that is why we are not affected by the powers that were.

We are here on Earth because we are so emotionally rich, capable of experiencing several emotions in a fraction of a second and through these feelings we integrate everything. As our light expands and consciousness rises, we balance out the dark and our own shadows.

We can no longer be controlled by frequencies that are not serving our benevolence, these frequencies will only serve our expansion. Our consciousness is expanding and we are moving rapidly through many experiences. Time has sped up because we are not living in a linear time anymore, the waves of energy and frequency are spiralling which makes the same time feel shorter. When we elevate consciousness time speeds up. Still the same amount of minutes and hours in a day but FELT much differently.

I’m not saying this ascension process is easy. It’s actually quite painful when you’re faced with shadow integration and digestion, but that’s how we rise. In the spiral of time the speed of events appear to come on faster and stronger than previously experienced. Going into other realms happens spontaneously, with the blink of an eye. This process is serving our Galactic lineage and there will come a time of unity in this universe. This Earth is filled with many Light Warriors, many of you are so magnificent that you are doing this subconsciously, you are expanding without even knowing.

This is an incredible process and truly being Alive in this earth phase is miraculous ⚡️ Remember, above all, Your intuition is key, do not give up your wisdoms to follow someone’s script.

I Am Loving You ~ 33 22 321 ~ Love Heals All ~

With Infinite Love, Sabrina Savoy

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