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New Moon WATER Ceremony

April 30th will be a New Moon Eclipse in Taurus and I have been spiritually guided to host this unique event to create a rippling effect of calm throughout the waters of the Universe.

The simplest gift we can give to one another is the work we do on ourselves. Every thought we think drips out into our collective consciousness, it is from this place that we are all connected. I will be guiding you to a better understanding of the emotional body and how water and the moon are relevant in all this.

Space is limited, please register by April 22nd by emailing You may download the flyer here.

water ceremony
Download PDF • 2.78MB

I look forward to seeing you there.

With Infinite Love and Calm Waters, Sabrina Savoy

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תגובה אחת

Jessica D'Arrigo
Jessica D'Arrigo
10 באפר׳ 2022

This looks incredible! I am pre-engaged for that date, but I look forward to hearing about it.

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