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Inspired By Jesus

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

I have lived many lives and in some of them I have remembered my bond with Jesus. The Jesus I speak about is an Energy, it is not linked to religion. Throughout my earthly and cosmic travels I have integrated that Buddha and Jesus are 2 parts of the same energy, many of us are part of this light. They are helpers for humanity and are a blazing beacon of light. Assisting your evolution, consciousness expansion, benevolence, and sovereignty. Recently I have been blessed to share some incredibly experiences with Jesus. One in particular inspired this invocation for humanity or what I have chosen to title it:

Prayer Of Light.

Take what resonates and leave the rest. Feel free to use this in your own ceremonies and healing journey's and feel it into your own heart flame.

This is a wonderful prayer/intention/invocation to align your energies with Divine Source and keep the lower frequencies out of your circle. As time moves on denser energies are getting closer to our fields but rest assured, since we live in duality, naturally the opposite is true. We have an abundance of light beings, intelligence, and wisdom to embody and tap into. The key is to KEEP REMINDING YOURSELF TO CHOOSE the wiser, better version of yourself. Be the change you wish to see.

Here is a blessing to keep close to you.

Write it out and print it out:

May this bring light to your path. Many blessings onto you and your journey. I Am Loving You Earth Fam, Sabrina Savoy


I have written a short yet important article called, The Galactic Side of the Shadow: please take a read if you are interested.

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