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Going Galactic

Hello Earth Fam, I have been going Galactic for sometime now but even more so now. I am writing to share a little bit about a course that I am taking. A tool that I will be adding to my energy work sessions. I love working with the "WHOLE" person and studying galactic astrology is helping me uncover fabrics of life that were just too un-reachable in the past.

I stumbled across Julia Balaz through the work of Pam Gregory. I watched an interview Pam did with Julia and was immediately called. You can see this interview on youtube:

I am taking the Quantum Soul Guidance Practitioner course. I started on this journey last year and it was already taken me on many loops. I have experienced some super highs and super lows but when you pan out and see it from the whole, it's all been amazing. I look forward to continuing this journey and sharing this information in support of our human and earthly evolution. This course is highly advanced and requires training in astrology, natal chart reading, akashic records, and making galactic connections to what is in and beyond our milky way galaxy. This training/practice also requires the use of intuition and psychic abilities. It is a full spectrum experience. If you would like to join me and many others, or would like more information on this or are interested in your own development you can visit my affiliate link here:

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