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Forgiveness Can Set You Free

I have a magnificent prayer that I wanted to share with you. It is about FORGIVENESS.

This prayer made itself known to me through Diana Cooper and she learnt it from someone else. The effects can be amazing when applied daily with conviction.

This prayer creates space for light and miracles by cleansing toxic karma and lower frequency energies. I have also noticed that the energy around you becomes more clean and clear and is a wonderful frequency to anchor on this planet for the benefit of many magnificent hearts.

If you commit yourself to reciting this prayer daily, miracles will take shape and a rippling so strong will reach into our collective consciousness and heal past lives.

If you are called, join me by making this a daily ritual. You will begin see how many benefits this actually has.

I Am Loving You Earth Fam ~ 33 22 321 ~ Love Rules The World ~

With Love, Sabrina Savoy

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