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Yesterday, the New Moon in Aries as well as April first, a double whammy in the number 1 frequency. Many astrologers say that we typically have a few Astrological new years per year, and this was one of them.

A few things to inspire your response to this potent energy.

The number one holds a frequency and energetic vibration of confidence, independence, and the will to initiate your inner knowings.

When we pair this energy with Aries strength it's a chance to dig deep within yourself and let your SOUL TRUTHS out! You are being encouraged to open your heart and stop being shy about your intuition, passions, and your beauty. Face it, you are a MAGNIFICENT BEING and this world has been waiting for your light to turn on, Brightly!

Aries is a Fire sign and can quickly become a little too hot headed or start emitting from a place of ego. So, hear this: Number 1 is saying it's time to start fresh. Everything you thought you knew, let it go and see your life with new eyes and lead with your heart. Embrace your inner beliefs.

PROMPTS: - Ask Your Source Connection to illuminate your Highest Potential. - What is the big goal/vision thats been sitting in your heart? - What are some action steps you can start taking today?

Trust yourself. You are your master. Command your light to be with you now and guide the way.

Yesterday I offered you a free remote group healing while I was working with Gaia and doing my earth work. Here is a little clip behind the scenes. Thank you to everyone that submitted your names to me. The energy of healing is here for you, breath it in and allow it to cleanse you, restore you, and bring you to your truth. Believe in yourself.


One more thing before I sign off. I began studying the Tarot so I decided to pull a card of inspiration for the month of April.

Here are some quick insights into the High Priestess card. She turned up reversed.

The H.P card is powerful in itself. What this symbolizes is YOU as the middle ground. On your right you have the pillar of B (Boaz) representing the dark part of duality and on your left you have J (Jachin) the light side. You carry the knowledge and wisdom of both. (see the scroll within her hands...thats the symbol for wisdom)

Wisdom lies between these two extremes, You are the Anchor for them to express.

When it comes to the High Priestess reversed, you may have been feeling confused. It's likely that you are ignoring your gut feelings. You have been having the urge to follow your intuition but your need to make things rational has gotten in the way.

Never be afraid to ask questions and a new approach to assist you in finding that clarity is here. With this New Moon in Aries you have all the energy to support you in the embrace of your authentic self. Lean into your gut feelings as they are your compass to lasting self trust, morals, and confidence.

Did you enjoy this article? Please share with me in the comments.

You are very much appreciated.

With Infinite Love and Potential, Sabrina Savoy

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