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Earth Day, E V E R Y D A Y

The image below and this beautiful sunny day inspired this poem I wrote for the Earth and my fellow Light Warriors.

Earth Protector is a term, that was given/rediscovered during a deep meditation I did over a decade ago. I am finally ready to integrate term into my practice and share my message.

More on this at a later date, for now read slowly and enjoy the breathe of fresh air reaching you now...

I Hold This Place Inside My Heart

For I Know We Are Not A Part

I See Her Beauty, I See Her Grace

I Can Feel Her Love All Over The Place

My Mind is Empty, My Spirit is Brim

The Water invites me in for a Swim

As I Float Here All Around

I Take Comfort In Knowing This Sound

This World Is Glorious, This World is Free

She Can Never Be Taken From Me

And In This Knowing I Am So Rare

I Do Not Comprehend How they Got So Bare

Materialism, Greed, Control, and Hunger

Will Only Feed This World With Slumber

Awake My Darlings, Heaven is Here

Open Your Eyes And Shed That Tear

The Flowers Will Bloom, The Trees Will Rise

The Sun will Clear Those Burdened Skies

For My Heart Is Strong and Tethered Tight

To This Place Of Eternal Light

The Fairies Will Come and Dance with Thee

And Show You How To Live In Harmony

For Our Earth Is Magnificent and So Are You

There is One Thing That You Must Do

Let Go Of The Past to Free Your Pain

And See The Beauty There Is To Gain

A Natural Earth, Abundant and Pure

Balanced, Wise, and All So Sure

Source Connected, Source Divine

It's Time to Claim This Piece Of Mine

For I Exist and The Life I Love

Is One Rich With The Heavens Above

Anchored Here Onto this Earth

With In, Throughout, And All About

The Suns, The Stars, The Moon Shall Be

Sacred and Free For All Eternity

This Earth Is Bright, This Earth Is Home

For There Is Nothing That You Shall Own

Experience the Bliss of Being Alive

Magnetic, Content, and Humble-ized

Living Is Free and So Is The Magic

Escape The Bonds That Make This Tragic

Gaia Is The Love That Resides In Me

Earth Protector Rise In Majesty.

- Written By Sabrina Savoy, Earth Protector April 22, 2022

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1 Comment

Jessica D'Arrigo
Jessica D'Arrigo
Apr 23, 2022

I love this. So beautiful.

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