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Don't Take it Personally

I'm sure we've all heard the phrase, "Don't take it so personally." I know I have.

This past year I have taken a lot of things personally and I have finally done something about it. A way to keep my emotions in check, in harmony, and balanced, as the remembrance of "Not Taking It Personally" has been instilled with this simple Waning Moon Water Alchemy Ritual.

You can just listen to the video or watch it, either way I have outlined the simple steps to ALCHEMIZE and harmonize your vast and beautiful, and sometimes "too powerful" emotions.

Have fun practicing a little earth magick and connect more deeply to your spiritual side.

Enjoy and wishing you a therapeutic cleansing and healing ceremony.

WATER ZODIAC SIGNS: PISCES, CANCER, & SCORPIO. Do This when the Moon is WANING TO LAST QUATER, so you are working with the natural rhythm of the moon/water connection cycle.

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Thankyou for gifting us with the don’t take it personally water ritual. I’m really looking forward to making this apart of my self care practice. Namaste 🙏🏻 Sue 💜

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