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Christed Light & Free Meditation

As I tune into the subtle language of the Universe this month I pick up on the connections being made between the Heart Chakra and Christ Light. This connection brings me much joy and gratitude and a renewed sense of hope for our Earth Warriors.

I dedicated last year to my Heart Chakra, I created the monthly meditation group called The Heart Call, to assist others to rest and nourish their heart space as I knew that the time was coming when our Hearts would need to accept a higher knowing. This knowing is about eternal Love. This love I speak of is the one true love that has remained hidden in our hearts for a very long time. It is not the act of falling in love, it is the realization that you must become love itself.

Imagine yourself capable to interpret the feeling of love into your daily life. A complete surrender into the abyss of love. It sounds so big and so grande, because it is. It's a little hard to reach but it is becoming possible. I have been anchoring and embodying precious glimpses of this all year long and this month has been a little more.

"Blessed are you, heart that is pure, which beholds the hidden Being." -Martyrius, Syriac Mystic

Our Hearts have been in constant communication with our Source Connection (our whole lives) but since the "ppandemick" massive amounts of light coded vibrations have been reaching us, and sure enough we are starting to digest this. Christ Light or Source Light (whichever term you prefer) is in us, every time your heart beats, that is love beating; rippling out vibrations of Christ Light to every cell of our entire being. This light can dissolve blocks and replace them with love. The message is ongoing: to breathe with the awareness that your intelligent heart is beating LOVE, Is Beating Christ Light. This knowing will shift your entire vibration to one that will surrender to love. Assisting you to translate love from a feeling to a being, Hear with love, See with love, think with love. This will radiate out to other people, place, and situations as well, creating benevolence and acceleration in our ascension.

Have you been experiencing this? I'd love to hear about it.

This coming Wednesday, May 11th 9:10pm EST I will be going LIVE on the InsightTimer app to bring you on a lovely meditative journey to nourish yourself, release stress, and create the pathways for clarity. You will tune into the Universe inside of you, known as the Quantum Field. This is one of my favourite meditations to do. I hope you can join me. This is a free class, donations are welcome.

Be the change you wish to see.

Thank you for reading.

With Infinite Love and Abundance, Sabrina Savoy

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