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Be Steady in the Turbulent Sea

Aggression will rarely find true peace as it fights with a double edged sword.

We have been given a gift though. On this past full moon. A hidden element in the air was activated. When you consciously tune in ~ You are now breathing to help you remember your Souls Joy and breathing to integrate your emotions. You are showing strength, the more revealing you are towards yourself and others. Uncover yourself, Hide nothing with your words and actions but be kind and compassionate.


Detached Compassion: A practice we will all face as the tides turn. Not everyone here is committed to creating Heaven on Earth. As I have expressed in the post prior there are reptilian forces that have infiltrated mankind and are working against us.

You have to command your seas as this battle is won from the inside out.

TIMELINE Shift occurred. Keep doing your work, during yesterdays download I saw the shift that we passed through on the full moon and I saw the new earth portal that is available when a large mass is steady in their presence. What I share is only to benefit you and support your ascension journey. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

I Am Loving You Earth Fam ~ 33 22 321 ~ Love Rules The World ~

With Infinite Love, Sabrina Savoy

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